AC Motors & Gearmotors

AC Motors & Gearmotors

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Brand Name︰Oriental Motor

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AC Motors & Gearmotors

     -      Induction Motors

     -      Reversible Motors

     -      Electromagnetic Brake Motors

     -      Synchronous Motors

     -      Low-Speed Synchronous Motors

     -      Watertight Motors

     -      Torque Motors

     -      Brake Pack

Specifications︰ AC motors operate by simply connecting a capacitor and supplying power from a commercial power source. Oriental Motor offers a wide variety of standard AC motors in frame sizes ranging from 1.65 inch (42 mm) to 4.09 inch (104 mm) square with output power of 1/750 HP (1W) to 1/4 HP (200 W). There are two basic types of AC motors: standard induction motors that run continuously and reversible motors that allow for bi-directional operation. AC motors with additional functionality are also available. These types of motors include: electromagnetic brake motors to hold loads in a power-off situation; clutch & brake motors for quick starts and stops; synchronous motors and low-speed synchronous motors for a fixed speed in synchronization with the power frequency; watertight motors for applications were the motor is splashed or washed with water and torque motors for tension control and winding applications

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