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Product Description

* F80R   Digital display Fiber optic sensors

* F70 series Digital display Fiber optic sensors

* F71 Series Manual setting Fiber optic sensors

* F71RAN Series Analog output Fiber optic sensors

* F2R series Fiber optic sensors

* FLD1R series

* UM series Embedded Amplifier Photo Sensors

* VS series BGS Compound-eye sensors

* Middle-G series Embedded Amplifier Photo Sensors

* NT30F series Embedded Amplifier  Photo Sensors

* LD series Laser typeEmbedded amplifier photo sensors

* PF series PFA Photo Sensors

* PU AS series U-Shaped  Photo Sensors

* NE series AC/DC Power Supply Photo Sensors

* MC series U-shaped mark sensor

* GR series Mark sensor

* ESN series Light Curtain Sensors

* SS10 * SS20 * SS40 series Light Curtain Sensors

* SSR series Light Curtain Sensors

* SST series Light Curtain Sensors

* CS series Color Sensors

* DL-S series Background suppression photo sensors

* DL series Background suppression photo sensors

* US-300 series Ultrasonic sensors

* IMS512 series Image sensors

* FD300A/FD600A series Fiber type / HMD

* FT101 series Fiber type / CMD

Specifications︰ The extensive range of Takex (Seeka-Takex) of sensors - sensors which are renowned for their durability and reliability. The range covers a broad range of applications - so whatever your application or whatever the environment there is sure to be a Takex sensor that will be suitable to the task - contact us if you need assistance in selecting the right sensor for your application.